Guyana: “Lost Land of The Jaguar”

My dad just recently took a mission trip to Guyana, South America. Also known as “Lost Land of The Jaguar”, Guyana is home to one of the most untouched rain forest in the world! I’m proud to say that my dad was born in this beautiful and exotic country! : ) This was the first time he has been back home in twenty-six years! All of the photo’s you will see here were taken by my dad over a ten day trip. I hope they captivate you as they did me! : )

The beautiful sea wall in Georgetown. The capital of Guyana.

This is such an interesting photo! I love the bright bird and the little hut in the background.

This is a dug-out canoe made by hand! It takes several days to make. Amerindian children have special small canoes made for them; which they receive as young as age five!

This roof is made from dried palm leafs. It has such a pretty weaved look.

This small building is used for a church as well as a school. I love how it reflects on the water! : )

This elderly man is so proud of his pension voucher. Sadly it isn’t worth the paper its printed on. As you can see, he is missing one of his eyes. A jaguar attacked him while he was hunting…it pounced and he quickly stabbed it in it’s jugular vain! The jaguar quickly made it’s way up a tree and was found days later, dead from its injuries. I think this photo is National Geographic quality! The story as well!

These people really do live on the basics. It should make us so thankful for all that we have!

This gorgeous bird has been tamed. I love its beautiful markings!

I titled this photo “Boats And A Lone Mutt”. I just couldn’t help but notice the dog resting on the fish nets with a lonely look on its face! Such a contrast from the bright boats.

I love the vivid colors in this photo!

My dad said that this man struggled through the thick mud to find these crabs and that he was so proud of what he had caught!

I love this photo! The angle from which it’s taken makes it very interesting!

This little fish decided it wanted to jump in the boat. It gave our pastor quite a scare as he had heard stories of piranha in the waters so you can imagine what he first thought when this happened.


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